Boat Mountain Group II


From left: Pilot, Boat, Sulphur, Fodderstack

These five mountains (only four are pictured), the Boat Mountain Group, are kind of special to me. I have spent m whole life living within one mile of the foot of them. Catching a view of all five clearly has been a challenge, one I am going to conquer.

Standing roughly eight miles from the northern boundary of the Boston Mountain Escarpment, these five mountains (outliers clearly showing the former northern boundary) are easily recognizable from mountain-top points as much as 25 miles distant. These are prominent features of southern Boone County and northern Newton County in the southern Ozarks.

These five mountains, again only four shown, have all of the geographic characteristics of the Boston Mountains, right down to the Atoka Sandstone cap which forms mighty bluff lines. Some of these bluffs run many miles without an apparent break.

The above photo was taken from Prairie View Road to the WEST of the Boat Mountain Group. The prairie the road is referring to could very well be the same that Baker Prairie Natural Area was a part of, more map research is needed. The photo also shows the missing peak from my other post The View From Pilot Knob.


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